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The Imperialist Accords, Chapter 5 :iconaiamai:Aiamai 0 0
Mature content
The Imperialist Accords, Chapter 4 :iconaiamai:Aiamai 1 0
Such a delicate word,
a smooth silky sound,
like it is a flower that
blooms in your mind
opening its arms to the void of night
as you sleep,
taking root in your head,
burrowing its tendrils through your body,
mining for lodes of sanity,
rootbound vegetation slowly
breaking through the confines of its container,
cracking the surface so that the roots are visible from the outside,
and its vessel is only held together, barely,
by its destroyer.
It’s a dramatic sight to behold,
from the outside.
such a delicate,
such a beautiful word.
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 2 0
The Imperialist Accords, Chapter 3
Lo and Chia were walking down the city streets of one of the residential districts of the programming sector. The sun was pleasantly warm, with the temperature about 33 degrees Celsius. Chia’s skirt bobbed up and down with her perky step; Lo just stayed steady, one foot always planted firmly on the concrete. Neither looked at one another.
Lo had been granted the warrant shortly after she had messaged her superior. It had been easy enough to find the original owner of the IP address in question, and according to the records it had never been resold. Everything was going smoothly, although Chia strongly suspected that  the computer had, in fact, been resold on the black market; but she kept her mouth shut. Lo had a sort of intense concentration, and until Chia determined that Lo was definitely on the wrong track for some reason or another, she didn’t want to interrupt the other’s flow. Besides, Chia knew that her own specialty of logic didn’t really translate
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 0 0
The Imperialist Accords, Chapter 2
Chia opened the door to the server room, stacks upon stacks of electrical circuits, humming as they directed users to their virtual destinations.
Chia unlocked her device and opened the application with a small black square, titled G-2582-MGF. It opened and immediately connected to the servers usb drives using an electrical pulse.
Lo watched silently but was taken aback. She watched as the girl tapped on her screen and finally spoke up.
“Isn’t that borderline illegal?” she said pointedly.
“I don’t know, you tell me. You’re the police officer.”
“It wasn’t a question.”
“Oh really? I’m sorry, I don’t pick up on sarcasm very well.”
“Well I’m telling you now, it is.”
“Illegal?” she smirked.
“Very well. Duly noted,” she said with a giggle.
Chia continued tapping on her device, then it opened up with lines of green courier new text on black. S
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 0 0
The Imperialist Accords, Chapter 1
      Lo looked up at the castle complex, it’s spires thrusting up into the sky, its wide berth stretching to either side. Its blue-gray frame contrasted its blacked out windows that reflected the wide street running along its side. She walked through the revolving doors, the hilt of her guns bumping against her thighs as they swung from her belt. The windows of the doors were blackened too, and there was a split second of darkness engulfing her before she swiveled into a large, pristine white lobby. No one was there, and she tapped her fingers across the help desk she leaned on while she waited for someone to arrive. She glanced around, until her eyes rested the large stone-carved rendition of the city’s emblem suspended above the help desk, depicting a lion holding a large barb resembling an asterisk with it’s tail, wrapping it between the spokes of the spiked weapon. Finally, after a single minute that seemed like ten, someone walked in and greeted h
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 0 9
Link Battles! by Aiamai Link Battles! :iconaiamai:Aiamai 3 2
Nacht di Stelle, Ch.1(Victorian!Hetalia Gerita AU)
   *Two months earlier*
    Feliciano walked down the cobblestone streets, a bounce in his step and his basket full of sweets swinging from his arm. He looked up at the sky, a deepening navy blue translucent with light, pink streaks like fire near the horizon just barely above the rooftops.
    Barely anyone was in the street, so he decided to let his hood down-- no harm in that with so few people around, right? The soft cool breeze ran through his hair, and Feliciano felt freer than he had all day. He was only a few minutes away from the wall that separated his country from this one, and then he was truly home free-- or at least as free as Feliciano could get.
    Feliciano knew he really shouldn't be here at all-- there was a reason they separated Italy and Germany with a huge wall. But Feliciano couldn't resist the temptation of German sweets. Sure, there was cake in Italy, too-- but it simply was nothing com
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 0 5
realidad obscura
Esta realidad oscura
como una nubia.
Tan diferencia;
algo perdido
de mi niñez
cuando estaba cómoda
en mi cuerpo, y mi mente,
y mi realidad lucida,
sin complicaciones, sin dolor.

(This dark reality
like a fog,
what a difference;
something lost
from my childhood
when I was sure
of my body, of my mind
and my lucid reality,
without complications, without pain.)
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 1 0
Valentine's Day
On Valentine’s Day
the ache, the pain, the anger,
the notebook I wanted to burn,
the tears streaming down my face.
The ache, the pain, the anger,
there was no pink; only red and black and blue and grey,
the tears streaming down my face.
I walked in with thick eyeliner; but out with none that day.
There was no pink; I only saw red and black and blue and grey
stuck between self righteousness and dismay.
I walked in with thick eyeliner; but out with none that day,
and I was crying; nobody knew why I was crying.
Stuck between self righteousness and dismay
with envy watching everyone else show their peacock feathers off
while I was crying; nobody knew why I was crying.
They couldn’t understand, when their trust was never broken.
I watched with envy, everyone showing off their peacock feathers
while I had a notebook I wanted to burn,
when my trust had been severed and shattered and broken,
On Valentine’s Day.
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 0 2
Sea Foam
Draw close, then pull away
like the oceans of my childhood days;
the frothy sea foam,
the shores it combs,
what remains of a mermaid with so much to say.
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 1 0
Morning Blue
Dark navy sunlight
fills the room,
unhindered by the curtains
in the hour right after dawn,
but still night,
while the moon filters through the blinds
in strips, landing on my walls and sleeping form.
The pitter-patter of rain a lullaby,
in harmony with the classical music
wafting from my alarm clock
as I lift my heavy eyes, then shut them again.
The soft fabric of my
muscle tee
hangs loosely from my shoulders,
the soft plush of my sweatpants
twists around my legs
tangled in my heavy blankets,
as I rise and stretch my arms
to the ceiling I think is the sky
in my groggy half-sleep.
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 0 0
Tumblr, oh Tumblr!
Tumblr, Tumblr, fly away home!
Your dash is on fire, didn’t you know?
Homestuck is updating, Hetalia too!
Supernatural, Sherlock, and Doctor Who!
So log back on, and enjoy the show!
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It’s as though you are sinking, drowning, trying to keep your head above
water, an endless ocean,
but you keep getting pulled
again and
again and
and no matter what you  can’t float
and there is nothing you can do to
stop the drowning
but you keep fighting
you get so
so tired,
that you quit, allow yourself to
sink down
into the darkness,
the deep,
where you are blind,
seeing nothing but the iridescent glow of
jelly fish,
neurons in a vast sea of mind;
until even those fade away as you sink,
and you find yourself in a sea blue and dark,
blue and black.
You let yourself sink because you are
so tired,
and don’t care anymore if you sink as long as you can
until something realights in you,
and you start swimming,
up  and
fighting back,
fighting against your own body
of lead,
and the current of the ocean,
against the alluring call
of the sirens
beckoning you
to join them,
to drag you down
But you
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 1 4
Ode to Feminism
When I felt pushed around, and weighted down, and misunderstood,
you told me I was okay, and that I wasn’t the unreasonable one.
When I said #notallmen,
you told me that even so, #yesallwomen.
When I felt guilty for feeling indignant,
at the continuing stigma and stereotypes,
that had affected and shaped me without my even knowing,
you told me I was justified to be angry.
When I felt weak and useless to change things, you told me, that
no, that was not so, and slowly I was empowered day by day.
Even when I thought for so long I didn’t need you, and forsook you,
still you welcomed me back in your arms.
:iconaiamai:Aiamai 6 0
Taylor Lautner by Aiamai Taylor Lautner :iconaiamai:Aiamai 2 2


By 鵜 . Pixiv ID: 864782
:iconchotto-makoto:Chotto-Makoto 3 0
She's so Tall by Thatwannabe She's so Tall :iconthatwannabe:Thatwannabe 4 2 Love is blind by sugabebe16 Love is blind :iconsugabebe16:sugabebe16 4 0 Ameripan by Drawing-Heart Ameripan :icondrawing-heart:Drawing-Heart 90 6 AmeriPan wallpaper by broken-messiah AmeriPan wallpaper :iconbroken-messiah:broken-messiah 147 22 Ameripan by PromenadeQueen Ameripan :iconpromenadequeen:PromenadeQueen 140 30 Ameripan : Rave by SparxPunx Ameripan : Rave :iconsparxpunx:SparxPunx 1,074 243 Ameripan by Esmerelda-chan Ameripan :iconesmerelda-chan:Esmerelda-chan 48 13 Ameripan Stamp by InvaderPumpkinQueen Ameripan Stamp :iconinvaderpumpkinqueen:InvaderPumpkinQueen 202 39
Monsanto Cafe
He looked up from his chemistry notes to see her staring at him intently from across the table. She sat with her hands clasped around a cup of dandelion tea, eyebrows furrowed and lips frowning bright red over the white china rim.
“Do you ever stop and think,” she said, slowly and purposefully, “that you could have been a binder?”
He looked down at the binder in his hands. She’d been staring at his notes, not at him. “Sorry, what?” he said, slightly annoyed.
“Just think. Your body is made of billions of atoms. What was the probability those exact atoms would come together to make you?”
“Your point being?”
She sipped pensively at her tea. “Well, what if something had happened? The chances those atoms would get like this –” she jabbed a finger at him “– right here, right now, were amazingly small. One mishap and they could have become anything else. You could have been a dog, an asteroi
:iconmatrixwrath8:matrixwrath8 116 69
Beauty To A Second Grader
My seven year old sister asked me
if she was skinny enough today.
I told her even if she were the size
of a swimming pool
she would still be the most beautiful
creature on this entire earth,
and she asked me
"If I were so beautiful, tell me why
I feel so ugly"
My seven year old sister asked me
if she looked good in her new dress,
and I asked myself how on earth
she was lead to believe any less than
perfect of herself,
and it made me realize that I never
told her how good she has to be
for herself.
:iconhusheddaisies:husheddaisies 157 24
The Creation by CristianAC The Creation :iconcristianac:CristianAC 1,801 306
HetaStuck Crossover Theory...Things
Version 1
America learns about SBURB one day and persuades the other countries to play it with him. Japan, Canada, Italy, Prussia, Spain, Romano, and China agree to play with him while the other countries decline the offer. However, when America starts up the game, the whole world is sucked into it, literally. All of the countries are then separated into sixteen separate 12-player sessions. The Axis and Allies, as well as Canada, Prussia, Romano, and Spain, all end up sharing a session. There, they meet are trolled by their their 2P! selves, who have also entered SBURB from their own (parallel) world / universe, which peacefully coincides next to the 1P! world. They must work together in order to beat the game.
Version 2
Same as Version 1, except the 2P!s don’t exist at all. The countries simply get sucked into the game and must win in order to get out.
Version 3
The Magic Trio accidentally summon the trolls into the Hetaverse and ar
:iconihonk:iHoNk 7 7
Cuss off: Karkat Vs Romano (GIF) by 4themindandsoul
Mature content
Cuss off: Karkat Vs Romano (GIF) :icon4themindandsoul:4themindandsoul 53 42
Minty Fresh by Redsplatdeath Minty Fresh :iconredsplatdeath:Redsplatdeath 43 34 Peppermint by JessiBeans Peppermint :iconjessibeans:JessiBeans 4,443 375



So my little sister went into psychosis and just got back from her second stint in inpatient. Her delusion was that God wanted her to kill me. She didnt do anything luckily, she told our parents that god told her to kill someone but didnt specify who and she was distressed, they  took her to the hospital and she was in inpatient for a month. She recently had another relapse, only now she realizes it was wrong thinking but we're not sure if she means "morally wrong" or "incorrect". It really hurts because normally we are really close and get along well and I still love her shes my sister but it really hurts that someone I care about so much would even think of something like that. SHE EVEN HAD A FUCKING PLAN INVOLVING A KNIFE AND A PILLOW TO STIFLE MY SCREAMS. SHE HAD A PLAN. and it hurts so much emotionally.

My school social worker and I are looking into transitional housing for me. Since I don't feel safe in my house anymore(even though I have latches on my door now because of this crisis). She says I would be considered at risk for homelessness even though I'm living at home still. I feel scared, FUCKING TERRIFIED, about it. I'm deciding what to pack, and its like I'm leaving my home and this isnt what I would've chosen for myself had circumstances permitted otherwise.

I can't even think of it as a new adventure because of the circumstances surrounding it.

Im stressed with all this and finishing high school and getting shit sorted out for college. My budget project for economics class isn't justa project for me, it's a possible reality. Im scared. I'm fucking scared.
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I think poets are colder than ice is, what did snow ever do to anyone

Whispers of the wind

Tell me a tale

Of stars who seem to fly and sail

What lies at the heart of gale?

Dreams overed in an eternal vieil

Cloud of the crows

Sing me a song

Let my voice join the chorus, join the throng

Shatter the silence, as deep as the night is long

Where in the dark does a shadow belong?

Daggers of frost

Answer a question

Why does cold become an obsession?

Where warmth flees only to become a digression

The only ones who freeze are those who kindle affection

Glow of hearth

Tell me a tale

Of a resilient flame that made the storm wail

One who’s echos were the ultimate violence

An alchemist who turned silence into defiance

Crackle of the hearth

Sing me a song

Of a flame that proved the clock wrong

With every tick the world remained still

Until the ice melted and nature drank its fill

Light of the hearth

Answer a question

The christmas spirit stirs with aggression

Did your christmas leave an impression?

Happy Holidays  XD

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